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Direct import from Vietnam

Royal Pacific Coffee Company is the number 1 in Switzerland for coffee, cocoa, oolong tea, pepper, fish sauce and specialities from Vietnam!
We import these products, without intermediate trade, directly from Vietnam and sell them since 2010 in our coffee shop in Winterthur and online to private individuals, companies and hotels. 

In addition to our premium coffees we also sell fine espresso machines, coffee grinders, barista tools and cleaning materials. We also offer service and repair for all coffee machines and grinders. Many exclusive items invite you to marvel and shop. Our own brand Royal Coffee is very high quality and UTZ certified. Our coffee is hand-picked and therefore acid-free and stomach-friendly. We are a registered UTZ Coffee-Trader. 

We're also a Café Bar. In our coffee shop you can drink coffee, tea or cold drinks and eat snacks. If the weather is fine, the garden is open. We speak Swiss-German, German, Vietnamese and English.

Adresse / Kontakt:
Royal Pacific Coffee Company
Wartstrasse 3
CH-8400 Winterthur

phone: +41 (0)52 233 55 00
email: info@royal-coffee.ch

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Öffnungszeiten Laden & Café Bar:
13.30–18.30 Uhr
Dienstag bis Freitag:
09.00–12.00, 13.30–18.30 Uhr
09.30–16.00 Uhr

Zertifizierungen Kaffeehandel:
– Eingetragener UTZ Trader for Coffee
– Rainforest Certified Coffee
– Direktimport Kaffee, Tee, Kakao aus Vietnam

Der Versand ist in der Regel innert 2–3 Tagen.
Alle Bestellungen können in unserem Coffee Shop in Winterthur abgeholt werden.
Wir machen auch Hauslieferungen. Kantone ZH + TG.

– Überweisung auf IBAN: CH58 0025 7257 1058 1801 F
– TWINT auf 079 549 91 99
– PayPal auf info@royal-coffee.ch
– Kreditkarten (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)
– Postfinance (Card, E-Finance)

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Mit einer Bestellung erklären Sie sich mit den AGB und den Widerrufsbestimmungen einverstanden.

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