Cà phê việt – Coffee from Vietnam

Vietnam is a coffee giant and the world's largest Robusta coffee producer. We only sell the best premium coffees from Vietnam: Arabica & Robusta (big beans), Weasel Coffee, Victoria Coffee, Vietnam Coffee, Escelsa Coffee and the Culi pearl bean Coffee! Special coffees - for special moments!

Weasel Coffee – Kopi Luwak – Café Belette – Cà phê cứt chồn... the most expensive coffee in the world

Coffee is very popular with the Vietnamese. No wonder, because Vietnam grows coffee of excellent quality, especially in the central highlands of southern Vietnam. The fertile soil and the ideal climate guarantee excellent Arabica, Robusta, Culi, Excelsa and Catimor coffee.

Gourmets will get their money's worth with the highly esteemed Weasel Coffee or Civet Coffee, whose beans are eaten and excreted by a small weasel-like animal (civet cats). Nowadays the highly praised strong and unique taste of weasel coffee is often achieved through the use of special natural enzymes that give the coffee its round aroma. Don't worry, weasels are no longer absolutely necessary, as with Victoria coffee, for example! Don't forget to try our original Weasel Coffee!

The Vietnamese call the Weasel Coffee «Cà phê cứt chồn» and the mongoose «Cầy hương or Chồn hương». Royal Pacific Coffee sells the weasel coffee from Vietnam, as well as the above mentioned Victoria coffee. Special coffees - for special moments!

The strong aroma of Kopi Luwak is achieved by the addition of sweetened condensed milk and individual preparation, which is a popular ritual throughout Vietnam. For this purpose, grated coffee is placed in a special metal filter that sits on a bowl or cup with plenty of sweetened condensed milk. The metal filter is poured with boiling water from where the coffee slowly drips into the bowl. The coffee is then carefully mixed with the condensed milk to produce the incredibly aromatic, chubby and wonderfully sweet «Cà phê sữa sữa»"

Most Vietnamese prefer their «Cà phê sữa sữa» in a large glass with ice cubes and there is hardly a better way to enjoy iced coffee. However, this coffee is not for the faint-hearted, it is for gourmets who are looking for something special. By the way, our Weaselkaffee is free of "happy" animals, which run around like our chickens, and decide for themselves how much they eat or not.

Instructions for the preparation of a «Cà phê sữa đá»


1. Fill a large glass with ice cubes. Of course, Vietnam coffee can also be made without ice.
2. Only use authentic Vietnamese coffee such as Vietnam Coffee, Victoria Coffee, or Original Weasel Coffee.
3. Take 20g grated Vietnam coffee, please take just the originals!
4. Put two tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk in a small tea or coffee bowl.
5. Place the bottom of the metal filter + container on the tray.
6. Fill the metal container with grated Vietnam coffee. 
7. Place the metal press in the container, but do not press it onto the coffee.
    Add 20ml boiling water and let it drip through the filter.
8. Add 45ml boiling water.
9. Place the lid on the container and wait until all the water has coagulated through the filter for about 5 minutes.
10. Remove the metal filter from the bowl.
11. Mix coffee and condensed milk well.
12. Pour coffee over ice cubes and enjoy! (The coffee can also be enjoyed without ice). 

Story of a tourist: ........ 
we got a special gift at work recently from Vietnam. A pound of "Weasel Coffee" or Cà phê cứt chồn ,kown as Kopi Luwak in Indonesia, it is considered the most expensive coffee in the world. Basically Asian Palm Civets eat the whole coffee berries. During the digestive process enzymes get into the beans and change their characteristics. The beans pass through the civet and are harvested from it's dung. The beans are then cleaned and roasted to create this rare coffee. We brewed up a batch and everyone agreed, it had a great aroma and a smooth chocolate flavour. There was no bitterness and it tasted very rich. I drank mine in the Vietnamese style, poured over condensed milk. I know that the humans from asia find this coffee so intoxicating. I think that not many people know, that the civets scent glands were also originally used to produce one of the world's most popular perfumes Chanel No. 5 !

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